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With various operator types and a multitude of leaf designs, each available with or without fixed side panels, Batimat systems can be ideally suited to any architectural requirement or concept. Batimat automatic door systems in Malaga can be configured to meet almost any specification where the emphasis is on functionality, operating sequences, visual appearance, stability or thermal insulation.

Batimat integral automatic panic doors fit any entrance and meet a wide variety of demands to suit any requirement.

The powerful Batimat operators are characterized by their smooth, fast operation, minimal noise level and exceptional ease of use. The operators, which equip any automatic sliding door, have such a reserve capacity that they continue to operate efficiently even under pressure.

With Batimat automatic panic doors, not only the moving leaves but also the fixed leaves can pivot when needed without the need to disengage any bolt. This doubles the passage width, a decisive advantage not only in emergencies but also in certain everyday situations. The panic function of the movable and fixed leaves is approved in most countries as a viable solution for emergency exits.

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