Rapid roller Doors

Rapid roll-up doors have been a revolution for all those sectors that develop their activity around the transport or handling of goods. This type of door consists of a PVC canvas that can include a transparent sector, thus facilitating visibility and providing luminosity.

Fast roll-up doors can be operated manually or by means of heavy-duty electric controls capable of withstanding an intensive level of use. Batimat Española offers a wide range of designs and sizes. All the high-speed roll-up doors we offer have been manufactured in compliance with the EN13241/CE standard.

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Own technical service

To prevent accidents, ensure the safety of people and protect property investments.

Main Uses:

Rapid roll-up doors are ideal for a variety of environments and applications, including:

  • Distribution warehouses
  • Logistics centers
  • Industrial areas
  • Commercial facilities

Advantages over Traditional Rolling Doors:

By choosing high-speed rolling doors, you gain several advantages over traditional rolling doors, including:

  • Speed: Faster opening and closing, improving operational efficiency.
  • Security: Advanced mechanisms that guarantee a safe environment.
  • Durability: Sturdy construction for long life.

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