Roof Windows

Our VELUX roof window, we aim not only to open new spaces for living, but also new life experience. Many people are already enjoying this experience every day, and we want many more to discover it, make habitable attics is not only our goal, our biggest fans.

In addition to our VELUX roof windows, also features automatic control systems. Now with the touch of a button, can control all roof windows and VELUX accessories. Our intelligent system developed for us to enjoy total comfort, the greater variety in size, and location opening potions, accessories and completamentos the market.

NEW VELUX esolar tube is a system designed to provide natural light into interior spaces, such as an indoor bathroom, a ball or a dressing room in the plncha. spaces that previously could only be artificially lit and where it is possible to install a roof window.

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To prevent accidents, ensure the safety of people and protect property investments.

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