Metal doors
“Close does not mean shut” All doors compliant Batimat DIM EN 13241-1.

Doors Gate

We manufacture all types of custom metal doors, a large variety of finishes and types. Lateral sliding, hinged (swing) in one and two sheets, booklet folding type, tilt starting...

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Scissor - spring doors

The door springs or also know as scissors, is a close articulated and extensible, is custom made in one and two sheets, fold and swivel to maximize the space of passage, this type...

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Steel roller Doors

We offer a variety of roller shutters for shops and garages, blind slates, perforated, stamped and mallacero 70 and 120. In galvanized finish, lacquered, stainless steel and imitation...

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Aluminum rolling Doors

With roller shutters or blinds as it is also know, we have succeeded in combining reliability, design (interior decoration) and security in a single product. A wide range of models,...

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Steel security Doors

The steel security door is designed for the entrance to the house, with the advantage of being a galvanized steel door with the total filling of rigid foam polyurethane high density,...

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Multi-purpose Doors

Multi-purpose doors are designed for all types of housing, industrial environments, warehouses, schools. Garages and public buildings, and endless applications in all fields...

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Fire Doors

Security has become a major concern for all who particupan in the process of designing and constructing buildings. Is no longer a value, but a intríneco value of any building....

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Swing Doors

Tilt opening this door presents another possibility BATIMAT product. Its main feature you is its simplicity and ease of system concept. Technical Characteristics and Leaf Frame:...

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Sectional Doors

Security - Durability - Comforts

Sectional door sandwich panels composed of high quality, anti-system pinched fingers. Included in its range corrugated panels, with panels,...

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Sliding doors

Sliding doors offer the performance, safety and quality. They are perfectly compatible with the most innovative automation systems available today. Spanish Batimat products...

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