Mosquito nets accessories Malaga


In Batimat Española we have the best accessories for your mosquito nets: External regulation of the loading of the dock, Soft system, handle with hook, Dual Hook (reinforced closing system with double hook), lateral telescopic hook, recessed handle handle and central latch.

  • External adjustment of the spring load: Adjusting the load of the inner spring is now possible with the help of the key we supply.
  • Soft System: This system allows to slow the winding of the mesh inside the housing of the mosquito net, eliminating annoying noises.
  • Handle with hook: It is the alternative to the closing with magnet. With this accessory the closure will be stronger.
  • Dual Hook: It is a system that reinforces the closure by means of 2 hooks. These hooks increase the adhesion between the handle bar and the side profile when the blade is closed, thus preventing unwanted openings.
  • Telescopic side hitch: Ideal for installation on uneven walls.
  • Recessed Handle: Only available for Phantom-Z, Snake and Scorri models.
  • Central latch: Available for models with double drawer.

For more information on the characteristics of the different accessories, see our mosquito nets catalog.


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