Glass Gate Malaga

Glass Gate

With various types of operators and many designs of leaves, each available with or without fixed side panels, systems, BATIMAT can be adapted ideally to any requirement or design concept. systems, automatic sliding doors  BATIMAT can be configured to meet almost any specification in which the emphasis is put functionality, operating sequences, the aspectovisual, stability or insulation.

The automatic sliding full panic BATIMAT fit any input and satisfy a wide variety of applications to suit any requirement. BATIMAT potent operators  is characterized by its smooth, fast, low noise and exceptional ease of use. Operators is that any door equipped with automatic sliding have such spare capacity to continue fncionando efficiently even under pressure.

With automatic sliding doors BATIMAT panic not only leaves but also the fixed phones can pivot as needed without having to unlock any lock. This happened twice the width of a decisive advantage not only in emergencies but also in certain everyday situations. Panic function of mobile and fixed leaf is approved in most countries as a viable solution for emergency exits.


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