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Roofing Panels

Batimat is a Spanish company who is dedicating to the selling and fabrication of professional covers for more than 30 years in Malaga.

From our beginning, we are being developing covers for houses, office buildings, industrial places or other locations; adapting our products to the needs of functionality and design.

We offer to our customers a high quality and economic panels. You will not find another company with wide offers like ours:

  • Covers, Facades, Shingles for farms, as well as other necessary things in order to prepare its installation.

Inside this category, our "Panel sandwich" made by polyurethane is a magnificent option. It is lightweight, insulating and perfect to facade cladding. Its price is easily to monetize soon after being bought.

The panels are made by metallic sheet, which is resistant and easy to design. They are fabricated following the laws and the quality rules of the European Community and the final customer can decide its final design.

The high quality levels in our factories and the high volume of production are possible because of the innovation we have been investing. This capacity are not in the hands of every company, just in the ones which has a really high investment on new technologies, agility, versatility and the companies which care about its customers.

Benefits of roofing panels

The polyurethane (with which our panels are made) is a thermal insulating material with a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity.

Which allows optimizing it to the maximum, because is required less thickness for a high level of thermal insulation. Its insulating capacity does not change with the time, thanks to the excellent durability of this material.

We can assure that our covers are easy to clean and resistant to microorganisms; independently of the use that you will give them. So, our panels will remain free of moisture and air.

Inside small buildings or in large areas, its installation can be done quickly, thanks to its ease handling. As well, whether they are on inclined or flat roofs, the panels can be used in any type of project thanks to its lightness.

The Importance of roof panels in the energetic efficiency of buildings

The need to adapt our houses to the requirements of the energetic efficiency is affecting the design of the typical sloped roofs.

A deck is considered tilted when it has between 10% and 20% of slope.

The inclination of the roofs usually depends on the water or snow precipitations in the area, the type of material that is used to build the houses and the culture of the place.

An inclined roof can be waterproof, but it will have an active role in the building's energy efficiency. Because of that, we should be aware of the increasing importance of its design.

To achieve a resistance that resists any environmental circumstance, our panels are made by the best materials in the market.

In addition, because of the concentration of pollutant gases in the atmosphere, the weather is increasingly changing, with high temperatures, strong winds and storms.

All the weather changes can affect the roof covers, so we are investing to become the factory which fabricates the most resistant panels in the market.

If you are looking for the most resistant panels of Malaga, you should contact us and we will inform you about our product, its prices and its quality.


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