Sectional Doors Malaga

Sectional Doors

Security - Durability - Comforts

Sectional door sandwich panels composed of high quality, anti-system pinched fingers. Included in its range corrugated panels, with panels, a groove, poligrayn, full vision and Possibility Of painted with the colors of the RAL and imitation wood. Tratamineto dock with powder-coated, lacquered Tapes and hinges. Pra protection fingers antipizamiento entrepaneles unions. Galvanized steel sheet for exterior finishes are highly resistant high thermal insulation and sound thanks to the polyurethane insulating core and the sealing entrepaneles. Mechanically secure a door, with systems that prevent the fall of the door before spring break, and the anti-trap of the fingers, both internal and external. rubber seals on the side frame, rubber profile to the lower wall of high quality, rubber seal in the upper aluminum are all together, along with the seal between panels offer a high level of sealing, thermal insulation and soundproofing. This type of door has a great advantage to operate does not invade or to the outside or the inside of the space to maximum advantage. Custom manufacturing. Several types of elevation according to needs and adapt to the hole.

Download the assembly manual for sectional doors by clicking on this link.


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